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Christian Assembly is a church that believes in Jesus

Everything God creates is intended to grow. Whether a tree, a flower, a physical body, or a soul, everything should progress toward a more mature state. Spiritual growth starts with you deciding to be fully devoted to Christ in mind, emotions, and your inner person. Such devotion results in wise decision making, favor, spiritual growth, and passion to share Jesus’ love with the world. God wants you to grow.

Building Community

Community is the glue that binds. It holds believers together so that every joint can contribute and every member can minister.

Our Vision Statement

To serve all people with inspiration, insight, and information in a way that brings unbelievers to a biblical faith in Christ, believers to a growing Spirit-filled life in Christ, and leaders to an increased effectiveness as spiritually equipped servants of Christ, His Church, and the world He died for.


The first step in developing community happens in our weekend services. The corporate service is a life-changing celebration with prayer, worship, communion, preaching, and the presence of God. This corporate community receives you into membership and commits to helping you reach your full potential in Christ. Participating in the corporate community results in developing deeper relationships with people. This leads to integration in the relational community.


The second form of community takes place in specialized ministries and Small Groups. These relational environments encourage people to interact in smaller group settings, helping healthy relationships develop over time.

PERSONAL Community

The third form of community develops once individuals take their relationships beyond a church-sponsored event or activity. This is where community develops in a very personal, fulfilling manner.


We welcome visitors and would love to have you join us in one of our church services.

Service Times


10:30 AM – Main Sanctuary
Sunday School – 11:15 AM – Age 4-12

Monday Night Bible Study

6:30 PM at the White House
Lead by Rochelle Anzivino

Wednesday – Mid-Week Service

6:30 PM – Main Sanctuary

Breakout Sessions

7:00 PM – Last Wednesday of the month


Last Sunday’s Service


Church Office Hours

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
10 AM - 2 PM

Christian Assembly
5050 South Avenue
Boardman, Ohio 44512

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Christian Assembly

Christian Assembly
5050 South Avenue
Boardman, Ohio 44512

Christian Assembly Our mission is…To proclaim the life and truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.